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Benabigail Ventures Limited is an integrated procurement service provider, delivering sustainable value and efficiency to our various clients across key industries in the Nigerian economy. By taking a more comprehensive approach to what to buy and how to buy it, we help businesses reduce cost and free up cash.  Our procurement experts work on hundreds of engagements daily across all major industries, helping our client’s source premium quality equipment at the least cost.

Our Core Competences are focused around the activities of the Oil & Gas Industry.

We continuously aim to develop new long-term business relationships based on trust, transparency and business integrity with organizations.

Founded in 2001 and till date, we have been able to carve out an enviable niche for ourselves as we are known allover as an organization that embraces quality and efficiency with respect to the products we offer and the services we render.

We are best at


We leverage relationships with suppliers and develop better sourcing strategies that focus on demand and supply issues, minimizing risks and costs.


We procure materials for some of the biggest brand in Nigeria. We excel at finding cost-effective quality products and ensure timely delivery.



Whether your business ecosystem is national, regional or local, we have the right tools, experience and assets to align our delivery to your unique needs while leveraging our capability for innovation.


We specialize in assessing your material handling needs and implementing individualized solutions with great efficiency.


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